Hi, I'm Adam.

My top 2 weapons are Technology and a Warm, Friendly Smile.

Professional Details:

Network and Systems infrastructure professional with progressive experience in Fortune 500 consulting and heavily regulated environments such as Oil and Gas.

Experienced in delivering cyber security, cloud solutions, software defined networks. Communicated with humility to technical/non-technical audiences in the workplace.

I was featured in an article at the College I attended, view my publication here:

Non-Professional Details:

You're probably wondering what I'm riding on in this picture... well, in Revelstoke there is a ride called "The Pipe Mountain Coaster". It's a pipe that starts at the top of a mountain and you sit on a small sled and rip down to the bottom of the hill through a series of twists, turns and drops through the lush, green forest.

My hobbies outside of Tech include Guitar, Writing, Paddle boarding, hiking, cooking, barbecuing, reading, meditating, traveling and spending time with great company.

Interested in my guitar playing? Check out my music video!


Please enjoy my website.

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