My Free Linux Course - 20 videos/6 hours

This is the first video in the course

My Free Python Course - 8 videos / 2 hours

This is the first video in the course

Terraform + AWS Lab

3 Videos Long

Python Network Monitoring Script

Recorded myself building a network automation script with Python

NGINX Deployments in Azure

For all your Web Server Proxy provisioning tasks

Cargo Ship and a Whale

What's the deal with Containers and Orchestration?

Azure Bastion

It doesn't work on Linux VMs... how sad.

Ansible with CentOS

How do you setup 1,000 servers without wasting time?

Software Defined Firewalls, Virtual Networks

CCNA in the Cloud

Disk Redundancy

Remember RAID?

Software Defined Networking

Cisco - Except its Azure.

Managing resources

Hey Bob, do we still use this old printer?

Powershell Essentials

Displaying fundamental skill with Powershell

North Korea OS - Red Star

Playing around with Red Star to see what sort of OS North Korea built

Windows 2019 Web Servers

What iis - IIS?

Application Security

Cloud Security Architect... and stuff

Tags = Easy Finances and Management

Helping you save money by making Finances more clear with Tags

Need Remote Assistance?

RDP into parallel dimensions and universes

Azure AD Groups and Powershell

How to do the things with Azure and Powershell

Managing Data and Blobs

Wasn't there a movie in the 90s about some Blob monster thing?

How to protect your network - Port Security

Cyber Security ... and stuff

EtherChannel setup

Ghosts through the ether.

Cisco Switch Configurations

How do I work this thing?

VLANs, Switchport, Trunking, Port Security, Oh My!

All the VLAN stuff


What is it? And how do I set it up?


Why is it better than Telnet? And how do I set it up?