C/C++ trigger and macro based alerting system for resources on premises or in a cloud environment - being designed to run on RedHat and Debian Linux.

Many clients using Azure/AWS/GCP face issues with file replications saying "Succeeded" when syncing a Data Factory to a Blob Storage account, even though files do not truly replicate.

Work in progress... if you would like to help in anyway, please join our discord channel by clicking the button below:

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World of Warcraft Private Server

Hellfire Begins

Discord link: https://discord.gg/fNcc5gTAjG

Server setup tutorial

Game master management

Custom content creation

Adding furniture and portals

MySQL and Schema Administration

Changing Starting Location

Database Backup Guide

Running Server Offline on Airplane Mode

Adding Transmog, Collections Systems and Cataclysm Class Combos to WOTLK

Adding WoD and MoP maps to WOTLK expansion without raising level cap and keeping old school systems

Racial Changer
Character Changer

Extended Character Customization

Factionless Open World PvP

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The Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind Private Server

If you don't know, TES 3 Morrowind; released in 2002 is an exclusively single player game.

With the help of tes3mp mod, the community is able to now host Morrowind servers to play online together. 

Here are some of my contributions to the tes3mp community

Server Creation Tutorial

Setup and Maintenance Guide

Writing Custom Lua Functions